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myBeaumontChart Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions is required to access your medical information online.

What is myBeaumontChart?
myBeaumontChart is a web-based application that enables a patient to have secure access to portions of their Beaumont Health electronic medical record and allows a convenient communications channel with your physician for non-urgent messages. Use of this service is optional. To request an account, submit a myBeaumontChart access request form. We think it is important for you to know how we handle information we communicate via the Internet. This Terms & Conditions agreement outlines our practices and our sensitivity to your right to privacy.

  1. Your login name and password are key to protecting the confidentiality of your information.
  2. It is your responsibility to keep your password confidential.
  3. It is only known by you and can be changed online at any time by you.
  4. Your password is not known to anyone at Beaumont Health, your physician or office staff.

Your Responsibilities:
By accessing or using myBeaumontChart, you agree to be bound by all the Terms and Conditions of this agreement and the Privacy Statement as posted. We may modify these documents at any time, and you agree that such modifications are effective immediately upon posting of the modified version.

You agree that myBeaumonChart is a service offered as a convenience to patients cared for by physicians affiliated with Beaumont Health. You understand that it provides you online access to portions of your medical record and that you are solely responsible for any sharing of its content that you intentionally or unintentionally communicate to others. You understand that messages will be routed to the appropriate physician office for handling, and therefore staff, other than your physician or other healthcare professionals may be involved in addressing your request.

Use of myBeaumontChart may not be appropriate for very sensitive information you wish to discuss directly with your physician or other healthcare professionals. You understand that you may receive messages, test results and other communications delivered via myBeaumontChart.

Secure Messaging Guidelines:
Please observe the following guidelines for messages sent through myBeaumontChart:

  1. Beaumont Health will make its best effort to provide a timely response to electronic inquiries. In some cases, the clinic staff may not be immediately available so a patient should allow at least two business days for a response. Accordingly, emergency situations requiring immediate attention should not be submitted electronically. If you have a life threatening emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest hospital.
  2. Furthermore, with respect to any electronic communications, we are only able to respond to such communications based on the information provided by the patient. If there is insufficient information provided, we will be unable to provide accurate and reliable services.

Discontinuing Use of myBeaumontChart Access:
You can disable your access at any time by contacting 248-597-2727 or by calling your physician office.
If we determine at our sole discretion that you have violated this agreement and/or abused the use of this service, we reserve the right to discontinue your use of this service.